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Monday, April 26, 2010

Illegal Immigration Law in Arizona

Illegal Immigration (Opposing Viewpoints)Many illegal immigrates are in America, because it was once said "they work jobs noone else wants to work."   The borders were an open invitation to cross into America to work.  What is happening now? Stricter laws and penalties are being enforced in Arizona. Now, Arizona has passed a law, which is said to be the "toughest Immigation Law" ever written in the United States.

There were many news media, and videos showing protest about this law. And one picture that stood out in a picture I viewed was a child and her mother carrying a sign reading "We Are Human."

Is it wise to enforce such an harsh law, when so many are protesting for their freedom?  Please post your comments.

So stay tune for more upcoming reports about this law, because it is getting heated.