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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Civil Right Leader - Dr. Dorothy Heights

Open Wide The Freedom Gates: A MemoirI was able to see Dr. Dorothy Heights in person in Dallas Texas some years ago.  I was very sadden to hear she had passed on, but we must keep her in the forefront of each generation.  Dr. Dorothy Height, left this nation an historical legacy like none other.  

Dr. Dorothy Height will never be forgotten!

Do Latinos Know We’re ‘Brothers and Sisters?’

Do Latinos Know We’re ‘Brothers and Sisters?’

Money Mondays: Why to Complete Census Forms

Money Mondays: Why to Complete Census Forms

Book Corner Knowledge - "The American Census - A Social History"

The American Census: A Social History

Book Corner Knowledge - "Latino In America"

Latino in America (Celebra Books) The Latino's is a close knitted community, like any other group of people.  But it is great to explore different cultures and groups of people. Many times different culture are misunderstood, because of the "lack of knowledge.  When Soledad O'Brien, broadcast the "Latino's In American," it was an informative show.  It was an eye opener to see the different color tones of Latino's.   How they live? What family life forces they draw from? Where the Latino's orginated from? When they arrived in America? There is great richness and favor in the Latino community.

Many people should make it a point to learn something about someone elses heritage and culture.   When an inidividual learn more it is knowledge as Sir Francis Bacon stated "Knowledge is Power."