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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Reform

The DEADLINE to vote for Health Care Reform was supposed to be before the August break!

Do you think the vote will happen before July 31, 2009? YES or NO

We could only hope after the August recession, that our political leaders will return with a Plan of Action and deliver a better Health Care Reform Plan. We hope that both sides the Democrats and Republicans could work together on this most needed reform. The numbers are too alarming to ingore, there are so many Americans suffering without Medical Security.

Each elected official now must conscientiously question their true motive for not working together for American people. Yes, the American people know that there will Pros & Cons, and that this would be a large undertaking. However, the Health Care Reform needs to be done!

All Americans wishes to see our politicians in the headlines as team players, that will score points for the American people; not always trying to play to their base. As in baseball the runners have to leave the base in order to excel the game to home! It is time for those in Washington to be Grand Slam political hitters!

American now need U in Washington to produce the goods for the American people, NO more politics as usual!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment figures as of June 2009 is 9.5% per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our Washington Politicians, certainly have a lot on their political plate. But our politicians have made some unwise choices for the people they represent.
The number #1 priority for our political leaders, should be concentrating strategically how to put Americans people back to work, or more Americans will be eating their next supper in the SOUP kitchens of AMERICA!

Unemployed Men Eating in Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen, Washington, D.C. Footnote.com
Our Politicians, must start working together to resolve the issues of all fellow Americans, and start using more wise methods for resolutions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Market Closed Up

I notice the market rallied HIGH yesterday! Are we going to see repeat of yesterday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bull or Bear Market?

I don't keep up much with the stock market as I should, but I do know a few terms when I hear them such as:

  • Bull market: "Trend is up"
  • Bear Market: "Trend is down"
  • Depression: "Worldwide Economic Downturn"
I don't know whether to call this current economic crises a Bull or Bear Market! It feels like a worldwide state of limbo! However I do know families are struggling to make ends meet! Dramatic cut backs are occurring in record numbers thoughout families. The employment numbers are cresting at 10% of higher. There was a stimulus package issued, which only a percentage of the stimulus package has been used! However, I am patient to see more of the stimulus package work!

In the meantime I am using wise wisdom to help our family economic pocketbook grow in this current market! See below some of my tips I recommend:

  1. Reduce spending (I love shopping, but now purchasing what I need!).
  2. Savings (learning to focus on building up our personal saving account).
  3. 401K (I had one when I was employed, which the jury is still out on 401K for me).
  4. Buying food in bulks (I am starting back to increase using coupons for purchases).
  5. If employed start minimizing eating out at lunch, by taking your lunch more.
  6. Travel (Visit local momuments), our family just visited the St. Louis Zoo, our only expense was parking and a few refreshments that we saved up for!

I am also making some wise moves to unstand more about the financial market as possible!