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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bull or Bear Market?

I don't keep up much with the stock market as I should, but I do know a few terms when I hear them such as:

  • Bull market: "Trend is up"
  • Bear Market: "Trend is down"
  • Depression: "Worldwide Economic Downturn"
I don't know whether to call this current economic crises a Bull or Bear Market! It feels like a worldwide state of limbo! However I do know families are struggling to make ends meet! Dramatic cut backs are occurring in record numbers thoughout families. The employment numbers are cresting at 10% of higher. There was a stimulus package issued, which only a percentage of the stimulus package has been used! However, I am patient to see more of the stimulus package work!

In the meantime I am using wise wisdom to help our family economic pocketbook grow in this current market! See below some of my tips I recommend:

  1. Reduce spending (I love shopping, but now purchasing what I need!).
  2. Savings (learning to focus on building up our personal saving account).
  3. 401K (I had one when I was employed, which the jury is still out on 401K for me).
  4. Buying food in bulks (I am starting back to increase using coupons for purchases).
  5. If employed start minimizing eating out at lunch, by taking your lunch more.
  6. Travel (Visit local momuments), our family just visited the St. Louis Zoo, our only expense was parking and a few refreshments that we saved up for!

I am also making some wise moves to unstand more about the financial market as possible!

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