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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Reform

The DEADLINE to vote for Health Care Reform was supposed to be before the August break!

Do you think the vote will happen before July 31, 2009? YES or NO

We could only hope after the August recession, that our political leaders will return with a Plan of Action and deliver a better Health Care Reform Plan. We hope that both sides the Democrats and Republicans could work together on this most needed reform. The numbers are too alarming to ingore, there are so many Americans suffering without Medical Security.

Each elected official now must conscientiously question their true motive for not working together for American people. Yes, the American people know that there will Pros & Cons, and that this would be a large undertaking. However, the Health Care Reform needs to be done!

All Americans wishes to see our politicians in the headlines as team players, that will score points for the American people; not always trying to play to their base. As in baseball the runners have to leave the base in order to excel the game to home! It is time for those in Washington to be Grand Slam political hitters!

American now need U in Washington to produce the goods for the American people, NO more politics as usual!

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