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Monday, July 25, 2011

Budget Debate Still Continues

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  Time is of the essences, but congress is still grabbling with the purse strings of the American people. What should the American people expect after the August 2, 2011? Many are bracing for the aftershock, the ripple effects it may bring to businesses, families, communities and the nation as a whole. Why are the American people so silent? Maybe the Americans are having a brain freeze moment! Maybe the Americans cannot believe what they are seeing from their public officials; or maybe they are just trying to keep their own households operating. There is the high cost of gasoline, high unemployment (some are being denied their funds for frivolous reasons), high cost of groceries and lack of jobs. Well, whatever, the case may be many Americans are watching in living color their congressional politicians continue to bicker over what they think is BEST for the American people. Now, Americans just want their government leaders to act responsibly and learn how to be adults in the room and stop acting like kids on a playground.

There are so many budget plans that have been presented, but no one from the both parties is saying "Let's just cut our salaries, which would probably save the tax payers a lot of money.” Can you imagine what would happen if congress salaries were cut? They (congress) would not hesitate to protect their salaries from being cut, but we hear that some want cuts to the social programs that many American have contributed too! Maybe it is time to fire the people that were supposed to manage the Social Security Program, Medicaid and Medicare program, since they allowed the lockbox to be raided.

Americans have been sacrificing since the 911 attack; we (American) united together at such sad moment in time.  Again, we  as Americans must unite again to get our GREAT America back on its feet. We must continue support this nation where many opportunities were born here in AMERICA. This country is called the “Land of Opportunity,” we should not again be trying to figure out how to get our countries budget in balance!

Well, if the debt ceiling is not raised and budget is not adjusted than we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for allowing our government from getting out of control with spending. No one spoke up when the spending was occurring, and now that America is in the pickle that is in; we must pulled together as a team, we must fight together to continue to make this nation a GREAT and STRONGER nation!

2011 written by Evelyn J. Johnson, a concerned American!