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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Native Yupik Eskimo

The Eskimo: The Inuit and Yupik People (New True Books) Some people usually try to stay away from politics, it is the most heated debate in America today.  However,  it has been hard hearing so many negative remarks about our current President Obama.  Our President has spoken kindly, never losing his temper, and arriving at difficult resolutions.  Even under the leadership of other previous Presidents I have never heard anyone concern about their birth.   Some of today's political pundits complain about where our current President was born.   Every since I started keeping up with the political movement, I have never heard any political candidate questioned about the origin of an President's birth place.   Is it wise to continue to this type movement?  Maybe or Maybe not.

Now, there is prior candidate from Alaska who relatives are related to the Native of Yupik Eskimo.  I wonder how will the pundits receive a native American Yupik living in the Whitehouse.   It looks like the first known American will have an opportunity to really be a part of the American dream, if the person from Alaska decides to run for the highest seat in the political office. 

I plan to study more about the Native American Yupik to really find out more about their culture.  How did they end up in Alaska?  The more we learn about each other the less we have to destroy each other with words. 

Have our nation gone to far to accept other nationalities to rule America? 

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