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Friday, August 21, 2009

Economy Bouncing Back

I am some what of a basketball fan! And if you are a follower of the game the teams are either in Offensive or Defensive mode! Sometimes the team that I am supporting, may not have their game ON, than I would usually start supporting the opposing side (just kidding).

I know everyone has been following the Stock Market, and apparently it closed HIGHER today! At this junction in the road, from the score board of the Stock Market, the Economy has the Ball, and the opposing team Recession is trying to steal the ball. The game could end up as a toss-up or it will go into overtime. All the predictions are stating "that the Economy is Rebounding back!" But the game could go into overtime to play pass October, November then on into December. So, stay tune for the game ending buzzer in December. Hopefully, we should know the score by the time the buzzer sounds.

The Stock Market scoreboard may reflect that the Economy has won the GAME, or that Recession has fouled Economy out!

There has to be humor with the way this Economy has been this year, sometimes individuals have to view the world of economics as a game. But remember when the Economy loses to Recession, We the American People Lose!

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