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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Government Run Program

Lately, the drum beat about the Government Run Programs, have been sounding quite loud! And the all oppositions have really been sounding off either for or against more Government Run Programs. Now every American have the right to voice their opinion, each individual acts as a stockholder in the Government by the way of paying their taxes! And boy they have been sounding off!

Since the drum beat is getting louder! It would be good to know what Government Run Programs, are directly or indirectly affecting the American people today. Below are few Government Run Programs functioning:
  • Social Security (Provide funds to the Elderly, Disable, and Handicap), which may not be available for some of us when it is time to collect.
  • State School (Provided to individuals, who may not have the luxury to attend Private Schools or obtain school vouchers)
  • State Lunch Programs (Provided to those individuals from single parent home, parents laid-off, or fall the below the poverty level)
  • Medicare / Medicaid (Provide the Elderly, Disable, Handicap, and again to those that fall below the poverty level), which may soon run out!
  • Welfare (As we know today, it has been reformed, but States still receives funding)
  • State Employment (Provide assistance and training for the unemployed worker)

These are only to name a few programs that I could think of right now! We can say that these programs are providing supplemental relief for many Americans.

Some may ask how we arrived at providing so many programs for the American Public? Let's take a brief stroll down history lane. Since the law was decreed by Caesar Agusutus "that all the world should be taxed", and by the way this quote was taken from the bible Luke 2:1 KJV. Caesar, required the whole world to pay their taxes, which contributed to the greatness of Rome in his era! Let's say since there are so many Government Programs that the American people have contributed their hard earned taxes too; one could only wonder what would people do, if there were no Government Run Programs. What would our world look like today? How would our nation function without government intervention? Are you curious to know? Our only guess could be Chaos? No Law and Order?

However, we as American do pay taxes and our funds (Taxes) should be allotted to helping Americans!

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